A Place Close to My Heart

My deep-seated love for the island of Maui starts with my best friend Ku’ulei.  She moved there several years ago, allowing me to experience Maui like never before. I always say that if you truly want to see what a destination has to offer, its been seen with a local. In this case, I get to enjoy many places and adventures that are hidden from view with no public access.

It’s as if the stars had aligned when 3 of my best friends decided to commit a few days in January to get over to Maui and just hang out. We all took time out of our busy schedules to spend some time together and it felt like being 16 all over again…

Barefoot. Waterfalls. Jungle. Volcano. Underwater.

Bottoms by Indah

Top by: Mikoh

Bottoms by: Mikoh

Top by : Mikoh

Bottom by: Mikoh

Top by: Mikoh

Bottom by: Mikoh